Artist Perspective – Summer ’09

Artist Perspective – Summer ’09

In this exhibition of On the Issues Magazine on gender and the fluidity of sexuality, the OTI Art Perspective features the art of Tammy Rae Carland.

Carland is a West Coast artist who primarily works with photography, experimental video and small run publications. In this series, “On Becoming; Billy and Katie, 1964,” Carland recreates herself and takes on the role of each of her parents. By placing herself in their clothing and situation, she becomes both the mother and the father. She obsessively collected images from photographic history. The images, which she describes by accompanying audio, are reminiscent of August Sander and Dorothea Lange, and romantically define and describe Carland’s family’s economic class and cultural placement.

On The Issues Magazine provides an Online forum for artists to exhibit their art, including moving images and audio, as well as stills. This art section presents exciting responses relating to major themes of our day. Carland’s work offers the viewer an opportunity to consider the topic of “Our Genders, Our Rights” through the eyes of an artist.

Tammy Rae Carland is represented by Silverman Gallery in San Francisco. Her work has been screened and exhibited in galleries and museums internationally and her photographs have been published in numerous books. In the 1990’s Carland independently produced a series of influential fanzines, including the lesbian feminist zine I (heart) Amy Carter. From 1997-2005 she co-ran Mr. Lady Records and Videos, an independent record label and video art distribution company that was dedicated to the production and distribution of queer and feminist culture. Carland is the Chair of Photography Program at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California.

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–Linda Stein