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Bodies in Motion: Physical Females Face Different Risks

by Eleanor J. Bader Prior to the 1960s, women and girls heard a steady banter when it came to sports: …


Aspiring for Medals: Watching New Gymnastic Generations

by Zerlina Maxwell “I’m going to make it to the Olympics!” I shrieked as a knot formed in my throat …


The Poet’s Eye – Spring ’12

Featuring the poetry of Kathleen Aguero, Judith Barrington, Carolyn Martin, and Penelope Scambly Schott; Curated by Poetry Co-editor Judith Arcana. …


Cheering or Being Cheered? My Daughter’s Cheerleading Adventure

by Lu Bailey This year, my 10 year-old told me that she wanted to try out for the cheerleading squad …


Becoming Glory: Kicking Goals to Transcend the Night, A Memoir

by Christine Stark I could say soccer saved me, but it wouldn’t be true. I saved myself, as a girl, …


Level the Playing Field: Girls, Women and Sports

by The Editors The convergence of two events this summer brings excitement and attention to women in sports — the …


Helping Bloggers To Help: Tips for Reproductive Health Organizations

by Amanda Marcotte As a journalist who specializes in reproductive health, I have the unique opportunity to meet a variety …


Calling Black LGBTQ Institutions: Where Are You? Where is Reproductive Justice?

by Jasmine Burnett The Black feminist group, the Combahee River Collective, described its beginnings by saying: “It was our experience and disillusionment …


Before “Roe”: Legal Battles, Involuntary Servitude, My Mom

by Justine Goodman I am the daughter of a woman who wrote in 1970 that “involuntary motherhood is slavery.” That …


Heading Toward Menopause, Still Caring about Abortion

by Andrea Plaid I’m not an aberration because I’m a childless, employed, divorced, college-educated Black cisgender woman — regardless of what the …


How Anti-Abortion Protesters Got Me: Letter From a Young Activist

by Sarah Flint Erdreich I was 13 years old during the anti-choice “Summer of Mercy” in 1991 when anti-choice activists …


Satirist’s View: Same Old Dilemma, or The Virgin Rebirth

by Susie Day Dear Western Civilization – My name is Mary. Not Mary of Had-a-Little-Lamb fame. Holy Mary. Or, if …


Abortion: On The Issues Magazine

by The Editors “Abortion is a matter of the heart,” the late Dr. George Tiller once said. “For until we …


Letter to a Young Activist: Do Not Drop the Banner

by Barbara Santee I am 74 years old. When I was 18, I had an illegal abortion that nearly killed …


Next Generation Access: Medical Students Fill A Void

by Mary Lou Greenberg I remember the first time I heard about Medical Students for Choice. I don’t remember the …


Occupying the Waiting Room: 40 Years of Health Care Needs

by Lori Adelman In 1970, something electrifying filled the air in New York. Feminist organizing was in high gear. Betty …


Ethics for Republicans

By Marge Piercy An embryo is precious;a woman is a vessel. A fertilized egg is a person;a woman is indentured …


Redefining Chutzpah: More Bad Ideas to Burden Women

by Aram A. Schvey What’s chutzpah? Until December 2011, I would have deferred to the classic definition in Leo Rosten’s The …


Lila Rose: A Sweet Face to Accompany Extreme Anti-Abortion Claims

by Kathryn Joyce These days anti-abortion ingénue Lila Rose needs no introduction. In advertisements for this year’s Values Voter Summit, …


Gone Too Far? Reproductive Politics in the Time of Obama

by Carole Joffe What about abortion gives it staying power as the central issue in domestic politics, even in the …


What Every Woman Should Know

by Susie Cagle Graphic journalist Susie Cagle researched anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers by visiting several in the Bay Area “pretending …


Unfurling the Progressive Banner: Where We Are

by Leslie Cagan My mind is racing as I begin to address this quite large topic: the state of progressive …


Our Little Light: Letter From A Young Activist

by Lindsey Hennawi “This Little Light of Mine” is the song that my mother chose for all of us to …


No Stopping: From PomPoms to Saving Women’s Bodies

by Carol Downer In the 1970s, I got involved in the women’s self-help movement in California, traveling the countryside to …


Letter to a Young Activist: Left to Learn from the ‘60s

by Laura Whitehorn If you saw the film The Weather Underground, you saw about three minutes of me. The film, through …


Taking A Stand Against Ageism at All Ages: A Powerful Coalition

by Margaret Morganroth Gullette New ageism is the term I use to describe the current American view of aging-past-youth. Whatever …


Stories Matter: How to Power Up Your Activism

by Thaler Pekar I remember my first feminist act. It was Spring of 1974, and I was nine years old. …


Heather Ault: Visualizing 4000 Years of Choice

by Eleanor J. Bader Growing up, 39-year-old activist artist Heather Ault never imagined that people had been trying to control …


Not-so-New Right Wing Women

by Abby Scher The doctor’s wife was an educated woman, she’d raised two children, and been active in her community …


The Rise of Enlightened Sexism

by Susan J. Douglas Today, we once again have what Betty Friedan famously called “a problem with no name.” Millions …


‘Abortion’ as Right’s Multipurpose Scare Word

by Amanda Marcotte Abortion: most of us tend to think the word has a fixed meaning, which is: terminating a …


‘Feminists for Life’: A built-in contradiction?

by Eleanor J. Bader Sarah Palin, on the vice-presidential campaign trail in 2008, raised the profile of a previously obscure …


The Sexual Politics of Meat Revisited

by Theresa Noll Carol Adams’s The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory is a pivotal feminist text in which Adams …


Lady Gaga: Celebrity Feminist?

by Nona Willis Aronowitz This past summer, I found myself in Chicago’s Grant Park amid a sea of zealots. They …


Fighting the Black Anti-Abortion Campaign: Trusting Black Women

by Loretta J. Ross Sixty-five billboards were quickly erected in predominantly African American neighborhoods in Atlanta on February 5, 2010. …


Alright Then, Let Men Compete

by Megan Carpentier This summer, Hanna Rosin warned readers of The Atlantic that the apocalypse was nigh — for boys, at least. …


The Poet’s Eye – Summer ’10

Ex-husband by Penelope Scambly Schott I hadn’t understood my breathuntil that long ago Friday night you tried to choke me, …


Listening Up: Students Blow the Whistle on Sexual Violence

by Stephanie Gilmore and Sarah Barr As women – a faculty member and a student – at Dickinson College, a …


How to Think Like A Feminist Economist

by Susan Feiner As a feminist economist I am constantly amazed—though I suppose I should be used to it by …


Women’s Liberation Consciousness-Raising: Then and Now

by Carol Hanisch Consciousness-raising was birthed as a mass-organizing tool for the liberation of women in 1968 when the country …


Convictions to Action: Lessons from Margaret Sanger

by Gloria Feldt Whenever I set foot in Brooklyn where Margaret Sanger opened the first American birth control clinic 93 …


Esther Chavez Cano Added Up the Devastation of Gender Violence

by Theresa Braine In mid-December 2009, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemned Mexico’s handling of the cases of three …


To Stop Gender Violence, Start Changing the Tune

by Andrea Smith In a society that, in large measure, condones gender violence, the problem cannot be solved by locking …


Natural Disasters, Climate Change Uproot Women of Color

by Jacqui Patterson The effects of climate change threaten everyone, but they do not threaten all people equally. Women are …


Stimulating Social Change, Then and Now

by Suzanne Pharr Recently, I went to the Kentucky Social Forum, and spent time talking with a co-worker and friend …


The Poet’s Eye – Fall ’09

In our Fall ’09 edition, THE POET’S EYE features Marian Cannon Dornell and Cheryl Clarke;from Poetry Co-Editor Clare Coss. Naomi’s …


Selecting The Same Sex

by Merle Hoffman There is one place where the definition of gender remains binary – in the womb. When it …


Trans Health Care Is A Life and Death Matter

by Eleanor J. Bader Robert Eads was visiting friends in the late 1990s when he woke up in a pool …


Intimate Lines: Shaping Sexual Futures On A Budget

by Donna Schaper I am interested in an overall reversal of course when it comes to preparation for sexual intimacy, …


Intimate Lines : Teaching Daughters About Lollipop Politics

by Margot Mifflin How did it happen? One day I was a twentysomething heaping scorn on Tipper Gore and her …


The Poet’s Eye: Summer ’08

Poems by Minnie Bruce Pratt and Erin Whitfield Selling Women – By Minnie Bruce PrattOn the cell phone to a …

Merle Hoffman's Choices: A Post-Roe Abortion Rights Manifesto

Secure Your Copy, Pre-Order Now!

“Merle Hoffman has always known that in a democracy, we each have decision-making power over the fate of our own bodies. She is a national hero for us all.” —Gloria Steinem

In the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade and a country divided, Merle Hoffman, a pioneer in the pro-choice movement and women’s healthcare, offers an unapologetic and authoritative take on abortion calling it “the front line and the bottom line of women’s freedom and liberty.” 

Merle Hoffman has been at the forefront of the reproductive freedom movement since the 1970s. Three years before the Supreme Court legalized abortion through Roe v. Wade, she helped to establish one of the United States’ first abortion centers in Flushing, Queens, and later went on to found Choices, one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive women’s medical facilities. For the last five decades, Hoffman has been a steadfast warrior and fierce advocate for every woman’s right to choose when and whether or not to be a mother.