Kudos & Awards – November 2010

Kudos & Awards – November 2010

The Front Page Award for Opinion Writing was given to Merle Hoffman, publisher and editor-in-chief of On The Issues Magazine, for her essay, Selecting the Same Sex. The essay about the complex issues of sex selection and abortion appeared in the Summer 2009 edition of On The Issues Magazine. Hoffman’s essay did “a brilliant job with a controversial subject,” said syndicated columnist Lenore Skenazy, who presented the Opinion Writing Award to her at a dinner and ceremony in New York on November 4, 2010. The Newswomen’s Club of New York sponsors the Front Page Awards.

On the Issues is absolutely incredible. I could spend my entire day reading it. Thank you!

Carolyn Gage

A tip of the Afro to the people at On The Issues Magazine The Progressive Women’s Magazine for their current issue Race, Feminism, Our Future.

A bitch has been working my way through it and…well, it’s a must read. Not because you’ll agree with everything, but because even the shit you’ll disagree with will inspire the kind of conversations we need to be having right now.
The had me hooked … just go read the issue from start to finish and discuss!

Shark-Fu, Angry Black Bitch (Practicing the Fine Art of Bitchitude)