Letters to the Editor: Alan Edwards

Letters to the Editor: Alan Edwards

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am a gay man. I am on the Committee of the Eastern Cape Gay & Lesbian Association in South Africa. I recently encountered your magazine through the good offices of the President of ECGLA who is a TransSex woman and a dear friend.

Thank you for speaking out! The account of the life of Martha Coventry (Fall 2009) brought me to tears and they were tears of frustration because I felt that there was little or nothing than could be done to affect/alter/stop the process of what is being done to the young of so-called civilized nations.

But, of course, I am wrong! Every time someone like me speaks out against what is happening there is a minute pressure on the brake pedal. Enough pressure and such injustice can be halted.

We are taught right from wrong as children. Every time one encounters the “wrong” a woman or man has the duty to point out the “right” in a myriad of ways.

Thank you for teaching me not to be so complacent!

Alan Edwards

Posted by: Alan Edwards