Letters to the Editor: Dr.Cassandra Langer

Letters to the Editor: Dr.Cassandra Langer

September 1, 2009

Linda’s interview with Elisabeth Sackler is excellent. I interviewed Sackler several years ago and was delighted to see that she has carried forward with her goals. I particularly enjoyed the Patricia Cronin exhibit and will be interviewing the artist for Gay and Lesbian Review in connection with her show and catalogue Raisaonne; Harriet Hosmer: Lost and Found. A fascinating exercise in linking lesbian art and artists across the centuries.

Linda’s staticstics tell us all we need to know about NOT equal things are in the worlds of art and art history. Let’s hope On The Issues and the Sackler Center can right some of these wrongs and give a fuller picture of feminism, art and history not to mention assure social justice.

Posted by: Dr.Cassandra Langer