Letters to the Editor: Lauren Brightwell

Letters to the Editor: Lauren Brightwell

September 4, 2009

Just now found On The Issues online!!
I was a subscriber to your print edition.


Any way to contribute, too?

Posted by: Lauren Brightwell

Dear Lauren: We’re glad you found us, too. And, there are several ways that you can contribute. We continually add fresh commentary in the Cafe (click on the coffee cup at the top of the Home page). There, we publish 600-800 word selections — essays, op-eds, articles, reviews — from writers, artists and thinkers on the topic of each edition. For example, the topic now is “Our Genders, Our Rights.” If you have an idea for the Cafe, email [email protected]. Second, make sure that you enter your email address in the box above “Sign Me Up” on the left column of the Home page. Then you’ll get periodic updates and announcements of our upcoming topics, and can contact us with suggestions early in the process. Finally, you can contribute by helping us to spread the word. We don’t have a list of e-mail addresses of print subscribers like you. We have to rely upon word-of-mouth, so let your friends and colleagues know about OnTheIssuesMagazine.com and post our articles on your blogs, e-lists and social networking sites. Sharing your enthusiasm for feminist and progressive commentary is the best contribution of all! The Editors.