Zen and the Art of Motherhood

Zen and the Art of Motherhood

Pioneer, visionary, feminist, mentor, revolutionary, woman of the people, principled politician. She had a great heart and extraordinary energy – and the courage always to speak truth to power. Comrade and friend, she was always right ON THE ISSUES:

“I am not elevating women to sainthood, nor am I suggesting that all women are good and all men are bad. Women have screamed for war. Women, like men, have stoned black children going to integrated schools. . . . Some women. They, of course, have a right to vote and a right to run for office. I will defend that right, but I will not support them or vote for them.”

On abortion laws: “I think women will not give up this right, nor will men who promote the right of choice… no matter what any court says, or any government or any church.”

“We don’t so much want to see a female Einstein become an assistant professor. We want a woman schlemiel to get promoted as quickly as a male schlemiel.”

Give ’em hell in heaven, Bella!


As Director of the Delaware State Police Crime Lab, forensic microscopist Julie Willey catches murderers, rapists and thieves by analyzing hair and fiber specimens. It’s a job she has today because, in high school, she didn’t think it was uncool to take chemistry.

There’s a whole world of interesting jobs in science out there. Find out how you can turn your daughter on to them.