OTI Newsletter – Summer 2011

OTI Newsletter – Summer 2011

The current edition of On The Issues Magazine features voices from a diverse group of progressive thinkers as we explore the infinitely complex topic of Women, War, and Peace. Yesterday was World Peace Day – a fitting conclusion to September days spent pondering the consequences of war, the role of women and feminists, and the elusive nature of peace. And as Jean Stevens writes, a peaceful future depends upon feminist work:

“As a feminist thinker, advocate and activist, I’ve long felt organizing against war and militarism was a no-brainer. But as a journalist and the national media coordinator for the women’s peace group Code Pink for several years before returning to school, I found myself having separate conversations with my feminist and peace activist friends, marveling at how they seemed mutually exclusive. The peace activists read The Nation. The feminists read Bust. Peace activists gush over Noam Chomsky; feminists over bell hooks. They hold different rallies and belong to different listservs. I wondered if young feminists recognize, or reject, this dichotomy. Do feminists fight for peace? Is peace a feminist issue? I found exploring these questions in this story surprising, and more importantly, promising for the future of social change.”

Check out our entire issue and let’s remind ourselves of the importance of talking about peace every day.

From The Cafe: Questioning the Battle of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

This week was also the official repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – a hotly contested issue. Here’s a unique perspective from the Cafe:

“Considering how unpopular the current wars are, I question why the right to serve openly in the military is at the forefront of LGBT activism. Why are gays and lesbians eager to join an institution that has traditionally upheld the rigid gender roles against which the LGBT movement has been rebelling? Why seek membership in an institution that takes advantage of the poor to fight battles that serve the goals of the elite? And what of the civilians whose rights are infringed and cast aside by a U.S. invasion? – are we trading their civil rights for our own?”

Click here to read more of “Fighting to Fight: Questioning the Battle of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” by Gabrielle Korn.

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Next issue teaser! We’re in the process of putting together our Fall 2011 issue, which takes a look at ACTIVISM — its history, its health, its direction, and its future. Be on the lookout!

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