March 12, 2009 New Feminist Revolutions from On The Issues Magazine

March 12, 2009 New Feminist Revolutions from On The Issues Magazine

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March is Women’s History Month and On The Issues Magazine is featuring articles about what kinds of New Revolutions are needed across the globe for women.

  • Iranian exiles in California and Europe raised their voices against oppression and gender restrictions in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as explained by Sussan G., who was imprisoned in her homeland for three years.
  • Merle Hoffman, Publisher and Editor in Chief of On The Issues Magazine, has a provocative essay on the site, “Revolution Lite,” which addresses the pressing subject of what it means to be a feminist and the lack of a feminist vision.
  • Rhonda Copelon calls for a radical shift in defining domestic violence. In her thought-provoking article, she calls for domestic violence to be classified as torture, asserting, “domestic violence ranks with the gravest human rights violations” Copelon’s piece rings out at a time when torture is on the forefront of many people’s minds.
  • Frances Kissling takes a refreshing look at religion and the role women play in both organized religion and in mythology. Kissling calls for new definitions and for Christians to imagine there are many gods and when one stops working (gasp!), to throw it away.
  • Diana Whitten writes in the On the Issues Magazine Cafe about Women on Waves, a Dutch organization that provides on-ship abortions in international waters for women from countries where it is illegal. Women on Waves recently won an important victory in the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Last summer, On The Issues Magazine was first in calling attention to Lynn Nottage’s devastatingly daring and important play, “Ruined” in an article by Alexis Greene. The play deals with issues of prostitution and war in the Congo. The play is now on stage at the Manhattan Theater Club and Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls it a “vivid production” filled with “raw and genuine agony”

On The Issues Magazine recently launched a new feature, “Rejected by the Mainstream Media” Progressive and feminist commentators who are turned down by the mainstream media are invited to send their commentary to [email protected].

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