October 1, 2008 On The Issues Magazine: WHAT IS TERROR FOR WOMEN

October 1, 2008 On The Issues Magazine: WHAT IS TERROR FOR WOMEN

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NEW YORK On the Issues Magazine, the progressive feminist online publication’s current web release, WHAT IS TERROR FOR WOMEN (AND WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT) revisits the concept of the “War on Terror.” In a series of articles, essays, commentary and art, writers and thinks look at the terror that affects women in their daily lives and the continuing need for attention to it.

As Mahin Hassibi sets out in “Terror for Women Exists Throughout History, Across Cultures,” “Throughout history and in every community, women have experienced the existential dread of their being a woman living along side men. They have been raped, enslaved, sold, bought and used for bartering with other men, humiliating them, or taking revenge against them. They have been murdered by men in their family after having been sexually violated in order to protect the violator’s “honor.” They have been forced to be “comfort women” without being given any comfort in return, not even the acknowledgement of their suffering…. Even though different societies and different moral, religious and philosophical systems have attempted harm reduction to women through rules of conduct, legal limits and religious sanctions, no woman can truly feel safe from the vicissitudes of terror experienced by her sex.”

In Sarah Palin and the Apocalypse, publisher and editor-in-chief Merle Hoffman describes the anti-abortion politics of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and the terror that has been inflicted on women seeking or providing reproductive services by terrorists who claim to be acting in the name of God.

The edition features the art of Martha Rosler, the poetry of Kirsten Rian and Judith Dowd, and incisive writings by Jan Goodwin, Carol Adams, Carolyn Gage, Edna Adan Ismail, Eleanor Bader, Cathy Albisa, Sallie Bingham, Cassandra Medley, Alexis Greene, Ariel Dougherty, Jana Leo, Melissa Nalani Ross, and more.

Heralded for its sharp-eyed commentary and unapologetic feminism, On the Issues Magazine addresses controversial topics ranging from abortion to racism, pornography and gender stereotyping. It is published by the Choices Women’s Medical Center in New York, where Hoffman serves as founder and president. Full archives from the print publication (1983-99) are available for free Online as a public service, as are archived versions of the new Online edition, launched in Spring 2008.

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