October 6, 2009 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Inspires Art

October 6, 2009 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Inspires Art

by [email protected]

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, On The Issues Magazine features an exclusive article by playwright Nancy Genova, whose play “The Death of a Dream,” opens in New York City on Oct. 23.

Genova’s play is based on her own private, personal, professional and artistic experiences. “This piece was tugging at me,” Genova writes in “The Death of a Dream: Layers of Domestic Violence.”

“New York City police responded to 234,988 domestic violence incidents in 2008, an average of 600 a day, according to the NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence,” Genova’s piece asserts.

A poem by Donna Nelson for Domestic Violence Awareness Month reflects on pain and suffering but also on partnerships- thus illuminating how hard it is for some to address domestic violence:

“I tell her that he pushed her because he likes her”

The Cafe at On The Issues Magazine, an online magazine focusing on feminist, progressive issues, is updated weekly with articles relating to the current theme, which is “Our Genders, Our Rights.

In a provocative piece that questions common beliefs, Christine E. Hutchins considers when and why the word misogyny was first used. In the piece “In A Word: The True History of Misogyny,” Hutchins says the word was born out of rebellion in the early seventeenth-century.

“Only when men and women began to write against rather than with culturally entrenched misogynist practices did misogyny get a name” writes Hutchins.

What does it mean to play with gender, asks Angela Bonavoglia in ” Open Drag Night at the Outpost Lounge” Bonavoglia observes drag kings at a bar in Brooklyn and wonders: what can this do for women? How can dressing in drag be therapeutic? In the course of the evening, she gets some answers.

“Our Genders, Our Rights” features boundary-pushing articles on gender identity and transgender healthcare and rights as well as thoughtful art and poetry.