The Day After: Feminist Leaders and Writers On The Issues That Will Remain After the Elections

The Day After: Feminist Leaders and Writers On The Issues That Will Remain After the Elections

by Editors

NEW YORK (September 12, 2012) – Between political convention battles, the war on women, and a pivotal presidential election for the nation, there is one lingering question that is on the minds of every American: What will the day after the elections look like? Leading feminist writers, thinkers and thought leaders bring this to the forefront in On The Issues Magazine’s just-released issue, “The Day After”, addressing the core challenges facing women everywhere, regardless of who is elected.

Leading minds such as award-winning journalist Jan Goodwin, author and media activist Jennifer Pozner, The Republican War Against Women’s Tanya Melich, and one of The Root’s 20 Leading Black Women Social Activists’ Dani McClain, come together in this compelling issue to discuss the most pervasive problems around equality that women face today: How can we reverse the record numbers of American women living in poverty? How can we change the dismal landscape on reproductive rights? How do we shift the damaging narratives that the media presents around women and girls? Writers address these questions and more, and offer real solutions that can make lasting change for a more equitable future.

Even on issues like abortion and birth control, men are more likely to be cited than women in 2012 election coverage, says Merle Hoffman, On The Issues Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. As women’s voices are excluded from the media even on the issues that directly affect them, it’s our job as women-owned media to carve out our own spaces, and make our voices be heard on the issues that will continue to affect all of us, with or without the Oval Office.

One of two men may change the future of the country, but women are the best candidates to shape the outcomes of their own lives. This powerful collective of writers at one of the country’s oldest feminist publications aim to achieve just that. Read the issue at and join the conversation on Twitter using #TheDayAfter.

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